is Christina Aguilera's fashion icon.

The singer who is famous for wearing crotchless leather chaps in the video for her 2002 hit "Dirrty" has been inspired by the "Believe" singer's flesh-flashing fashion choices through the years.

Cher, now 63, wore a similarly revealing black leather outfit in the promo for her single "If I Could Turn Back Time."

Christina - who co-stars alongside Cher in new movie "Burlesque" is quoted by website Absolute Now as saying: "I love Cher and I never knew just how much before I made this movie."

"I have always had tremendous respect for her. She is a woman who did everything before anyone else did it. She is an icon and she inspired me through some of my career. We've had similar costumes too!"

In "Burlesque," Christina plays lead character Ali who escapes from a small town and heads to Los Angeles where she dances at a neo-burlesque club run by former dancer Tess, played by Cher.

Despite rumors of a rift between the two stars, Cher has revealed she has been impressed with the acting skills of her co-star.

Cher said: "I'm shocked, but she's really good. The other day, we were hamming it up so badly, so old, like vaudevillian. She was keeping up! She was hot. Her game was good!"

Meanwhile, the pair's co-star Kristen Bell has praised the relaxed attitude adopted by the Cher on set.

Kristen who plays dancer Nikki - said: "Cher owns the club and we play best friends, I'm her lead dancer and Christina sort of comes in between the two of us and I'm not very happy about that!"

"I could talk but I was definitely having to take a breath and was going, 'I'm in a room with Cher right now,' but she's so personable and down to earth, it's not really what you expect, she's very easy to be around."
(Christina Aguilera [02/08/2010])